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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 8, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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here because we're looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to the special studio audience edition of "hannity." s groupwe're joined by a of great americans, mostarge unfairly targeted by the irs a because of their associationve with fairs conservativeu organizations. coming up, you'll hearill their stories about what they've donem through, also hear from the attorneys representing their respective groups. first one of the most fas fascinating things to watch ove the past few weeks is the ever-changing time n.l. of whoat knew about the irs scandal. at first, nobody seemed to know anything about it. as the day goes by, that seems to be evolving quite a bit. watch this. >> can you give us assurances that the irs is not targeting particularar gro groups based ou political anings? >>ssu yes, i can give you
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assurances. there's absolutely no targeting. >> they added the names tea party and patriot to the list of cases that should be centralized in this group. >> i first learned about it from the same news reports that ied a think most people learned aboutt this. i think it was on on friday. i've reviewed h the treasurypar department watchdog's report, and thetd 0)hpa misconduct is inexcusable. >> i'mtmñ< answer. >> i don't know the i details,. sir. >> i was frankly unaware. > i don't remember the precie date. >> i don't remember. >> it's not mydon' area. i don't know. >> i personally don't remember. >>re i will not answer anyçut questions or testify about the subject matter of thisroat committee's meeting. >> we had to wait appropriately until the report was publicized, or published, for the president to bei able to review it andond respond as he did very quickly. >> there was a white houseas counsel, kathy rumler wash. notified on april 24th.
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>> who else wasç told about th? >> w some other members of senir staff. >> can you tell us who? >> i don't have a list>> for yo> >> you were asked in the briefing last week about white house officials being aware, you just mentioned the counsel's office. you never mentioned the chief staff -- >> i think i said that whitenew house counsel knew. i didn't know tillou friday.>> i'm getting this answer to you know. >> doesn't answero theld questi. >> the counsel made the decision that this is not the kind ofhe thing that you notify the president of, of an investigation is complete. >> the president doesn't knowsh about everything in every agency of government. this was in cincinnati where the irs office is. i don't think you can hold him a accountable. >> i can'tcc account for every conversation that might have had outside the white house. i can't tell how many people añpd time and again that the taxpayer-funded witch-hunts ended more than a year ago, tonight there are people in this studio audience that are going
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to say they've been targeted as recently as two weeks ago. joining me now the attorneys representing some of the americans in our studio tonight. guys, welcome, both of you, to the show. thanks. >> thank you for having us. >> sean: jay, let me start with a time here.ç? lois lerner first knew about this in june of 2011. is that right? >> that's correct. that's when she was aware of ths targeting that was taking place >> sean: after consulting with theujyñr treasury, with the whie house, we didn't hear about it o her from her until may 20th of 2013. right. and also intervening in that period of time she came up withh another criteria to have the determinations unit used for tax exemption, which actually complicated and madee it it wor. in fact, some of the groupssit sitting in the audience with you today got put in thisç dragnet because of lois lerner basically broadening out to other
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conservative organizations, not just tea party groups, to be in this dragnet of irs special review. she basically is responsible for doing that. >> sean: and cleta, in march of 2013, doug shulman, then the head of the irs, assured the a american people and congress this was notres happening, corr? >> yes. in fact, he did that a year ago in response to questions fromque congressman jordan and others. >> sean: that's right. march 2012. >> 2012, uh-huh. that's right. >> sean: it. want to ask you boh ofsk youç the same question ths puzzling to me, isç shulman met -- went to the white house 157 times. now his answer was, well, i wasa there oncp for an easter egg hunt, whatever it is, and nobody as i checked the records, thein topet cabinet members of obama, jay, they've not been there 157 times. what do you think -- sure a lot of conversation --
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well, inexplicable. i don't know how you explain 159 visits by the head of the irs to the white house. can they can't be possibly be talking about that much tax policy, because there weren't that many changes to the internal revenue code.n you wonder what was going onke here. the you asked the right questions from the beginning of this, sean. it isñr who knew what and when. i don't think until we do our discovery in this litigationin that we're involved in that to we'll get an answer to that. >> sean: what isit it specificay that matters? in my mind, this is aboutca intimidating people because ofuo their freedom of association and freedom of speech.-- what do you think -- what are the issues at stake here in your mind? >> well, i think the most important thing for all of us to remember is that we always talk about america being a nation of. laws, not of men. what the irs has done here is essentially abandoned and advocated thel there's@5añ
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exemptre status.icat there's an application with 70 questions. before they began this targeting in 2010, they would ask questions about the application itself. and when you have a group of people, in an agency, who are to allowed to just start making it up as they go along, they abandon any legal -- objective legal standard, it all becomescv subjective, and that's what we have here, this more remarks and the explanation that the irs haw been coming out is preposterous, number one, that it's some low-level employees in cincinnati. i have cases that never went to cincinnati, and they still don'e have their tax exempt status after four years. >> that's exactly the righthe thing. cleta is right. the irs was saying it's alln, i cincinnati. what's soç bizarre, sean, i hae letters on two cases, two offices in california and one out of washington, d.c., signedd
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by a tax law specialist. this whole low-level rogue agene narrative that's white house came out was factuallymeth incorrect. let me reinforce something that cleta just said which is critical here.ctor the inspector general alluded to this. the agents themselves, those ine the determinations unit, had no real concept of what the law thrills and how it's applied. you know what, none of these groups have been denied.y h what they've done is granted some and put some in what i cali terminal limbo here, where they're not doing anything. we had months, i mean six and nine months, where there wasnse response for the irs.ex that'scu inexcusable. we now have a much better idea why, because washington was dictating the terms of this. the cincinnati office is the largest office for tax exemptce processing. when i was in the office of chief counsel for the irs, we represented tax exempt, that's not a small division. we that's significant. >> sean: i went through thetime timeline. they knew in june of 2011.
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they had finished in may of 2012, they finished their own internal investigation. the ig report we were supposed to get an interim report in september before the election. t do you connect this in any way to the election, preventing these groups from being able tod raise money and be active politically in terms of getting out information about issues they care about? do you think it's connected in any way, cleta? >> i absolutely do, because the letters -- remember, jay and i first started working togetherrd on this in february of last yea when all of these groups, hundreds of groups, receivedth these incredibly intrusive,rom expansive questions from the irs, which had the absolute impact of intimidating them, frightening them, making them think they might be doing something wrong if they invited candidates to -- a candidate forum, which is completelytima legitimate for a 501(c)(4)
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organization. >> right. >> absolutely itlute had the eft of intimidating them. i'll remind everybody, theseived groups still don't have their tax exempt status. some of my clients receivedble. letters a month before the election with even more questions. >> sean: unbelievable. thank you both. >> absolutely. >> still ahead, you'll hear frot people in our audience, average americans who claim they were we unfairly targeted by the irs. ir don't they're here to tell their story to you. first in studio, i'll be joined by the reverend franklin graham, who says he was harassed by the irs for political purposes. irs for political purposes. that [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day.
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. is simply political theatre. it is diverting attention from what we ought to be doing on this meetings, is rewriting the law if it's wrong. >> thank you. time is expired.
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mr. ryan is recognized. >> i'm going to deviate from my original question in response to what i just heard. [applause] >> mr. chairman -- >> welcome to washington. so you're to blame i guess is the message here to suggest that these citizens are to blame for applying -- i don't understand how anyone can make that conclusion. i yield. >> sean: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." my next guest is the reverendrs franklin graham. earlier this month he sent a letter to president obama explaining how deep the damage went. it reads in part, "unfortunately while these audits not only wasted taxpayer money, theyayer wasted money, contributed by donors for ministry purposes as
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we had to spend precious resources serving the irs agents in our offices. i'm bringing this to youri a attention, because i believe that someone inis the b administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us. this is morally wrong and unethical. indeed someone would callmebo it un-american." joining me to explain more is the reverend franklin graham. good to see you. this is a hard-hitting letter. what made you write this letter? what happened to the twohe ministries that you referred to in the the? >> on september of 6th last year, we received letters dated the same day that we were going to be audited.ted. and, you know, the irs has the right to audit, that's not an issue. and they came and audited samaritans first, then went to the billy graham evangelist association, two separatect corporations, did youor differet board of directors, different cities, different 990s.
2:16 am
for us to both be notified by a letter dated the same day, to me is a little suspicious. >> sean: more than suspicious. what's happened to this country -- i can see auditingm s you, but your father i can't see auditing. t sorry, i'm kidding.aham no, seriously, we're going to audit the reverend billy graham. >> two issues. one is a minnesota corporation.d we closed our offices inrlot minneapolis and moved them to charlotte, north carolina. we decided two years ago to file for a new organization, incorporate in the state of north and carolina, and ask forx exempt status. we applied last year for that tax exempttatu status. to it took 14 months for that application to be approved.t normally applications like this, at the most, four to six months for something like that, but that was delayed for 14 months till after the election.
2:17 am
for good samaritans first andgus billy graham association when we were audited -- the irs agent, a nice guy, okay? i don't have an issue with the agents. they wererof professional, you> know, a good person. >> sean: did they find anything wrong? >> no, nothing. so they accepted the 990 file filing with no changes. we appreciated that. we have auditors that go through our policies, but especially our programs continually. we make our audited statementn public.ybe and anybody can have that if they want it. so having the irs come in wasn't a concern to me. the concern, are we targeted because of our religious beliefs? in north carolina lastn no april there wasment an attempt put foh by our state to change the constitution, to define marriage as between a man and a woman.
2:18 am
the president came out against amendment one. my father came out supporting it. we took out some ads supportingl this. some would say, you're getting involved in politics.ral no. this is a moralssu issue. because a politician takes a moral issue doesn't mean it's a political issue.aith and people of faith have to be quiet about it. this is a moral issue.ut we're going to speak out on moral issues. is think this was an attempt to intimidate us, or maybe payback, because we spoke out on a moral issue, and that moral issue -- we prevailed in normal. the attempt -- prevailed in north carolina. >> sean: how much did this cost your ministries? >> i don't know. it's weeks of -- >> sean: weeks? >> oh, yes. preparation the document they wanted to see. it took a fairly large staff weeks to prepare the documentation, to be ready for them when they came in. >> sean: because we're good friends, i was able to kid earlier about auditing you, not your dad. i've donated to samaritan's
2:19 am
first, i've out on the road with you, and with your father. when you hear groups with the fame tea party, patriots, constitution, they were specifically targeted, and they've admitted it.> i what do you think of that. >> makes you wonder if it was much broader than political groups. was itkin taking in christiane associations because we oppose the president's position on same-sex marriage. these are moral issues, again,ia sean. of course i'm a christian. i believe that jesus christ is the way of the truth and light. i believe heo came to die for or sins, buried for our sins, and he rose from the grave, and willing to forgive our sins ife we're willing to put our faith and trust in christ. this is what i believe. it's obvious that people ine. te administration do not agree with these moral principles, that the
2:20 am
billy graham evangelist association and samaritan's purse believe in. are we going to be targeted again? i don't know. that's why i wrote the president a letter. i don't know that he knew anything about this, but i wanted to give him the benefit of thedis doubt.f i like the president. i think he's ais p nice person. i disagree with many of his k policies, but at the same time i wanted to write him and let him know that we suspect we werei targeted, would he look into it, but haven't heard a reply. >> sean: and render unto caesar and god's to god, which means caesar gets nothing. reverend, we wish your dad our> very best. >>we thank you, sean. >> sean: pretty sad when we're targeting the reverend billy graham. when we come you back, you'll hr directly from the people in our studio audience tonight, most of
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>> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations. and i have not provided false information to this or any other counsel committee.very while i would very much like to answer the committee's questions today, i've been advised by myl counsel to assert myght constitutional right not to testify or answer questions related to the subject matter os this hearing.ois >> sean: that was lois lerner, the director of the tax exempt division at the irs now on
2:26 am
administrative leave invoking the fifth amendment during a hearing on the scandal last week. what do average americans think about her refusal to answerswer questions about the targeting of conservatives and conservative groups? joining me to answer that to question are some of the very people who say they were unfairly targeted by the irs.ail give yourselves a big hand.elve good to see you at all. [applause] just a show of hands, how many of you, to answer the question, think that lois lerner was invoking the fifth to hideen something? anyone disagree? nobody. all right. i'm going to go through real quick, name of yourzat organization. >> through the vote. >> tea party patriots. >> texas patriots. >> tea party express. >>arty tea party. >> norcal tea party. >> citizens for self-governance. >> yes? >> republican tea party. >>atio national organization for marriage. >> uh-huh. one of those conservatives. groups. okay. >> thehe texas t public policyat foundation. >> the dallas tea party. >> dallas tea party. >> fox radio.
2:27 am
>> oh, todd is here. >> tea tea party news network ad the >> tea party patriots of south jersey. >> sean: all of you targeted. where all of you, do youow o believe, unfairly targeted by the irs? show of hands. >> i thi think that my situatios more the bureaucracy. i have a c4. i have a story to tell, though,. >> sean: we'll getart to you.nt katherine, i'll start with you. wasn't only the irs for you. >> no. >> sean: it was osha, a whole bunch of government agencies. tell your story. >> we filed our nonprofit application in july of 2010. up until that time i had never had any government agency be involved with anything i've had to do except for filing your normal yearly tax returns. after filing that application,l until as recently as a month ago, we've had 18 different points of contact from the fbi,
2:28 am
from the department of labors, osha, from the department of justice's atf. >> sean: did they find anything wrong? >> no. >> sean: how long has this been going on? > almost three years. >> sean: three years? >>. almost three years. >> sean: and all the different government agencies and not a one found anything wrong? >> no, no.amaz >> sean: wow. that's pretty amazing. all right, kevin, yea your stor. >> linchpins of liberty. i run an educational institution. ouwe teach college and high schc students in conservative political philosophy. because some of the students that i work with are minors, the irs actually asked us to identify the students we were teaching to provide them details about what we were teaching, and then during this whole process may 6th we get a third letter
2:29 am
which says we need to know the location of where you're conducting these teachings. >> sean: amazing story. jenny beth martin, i've known foyou fora while. >> yes. we filed in december 2010. we are nothing from the irs, even though we made inquiries, no response backly until early n 2012. >> so two years later. >> a year and a half later. >> sean: year and a half later. >> we -- we got questions likeup so manys. of these other groups- >> sean: what were the outrageous questions you got?e >>ry they wanted to know any congressman or senator that anyt of our people spoke to, communications with them, including copies of written communications. none of isn't that their blank business? seriously, right?hat anyone thinks that's their th business. that have to do to with your tay status. >>ou if you can't communicate wh your own elect -- the person who's supposed to represent you
2:30 am
without -- without being targeted by the irs, there's a problem. >> sean: a lot of constitutional issues here.probe, freedom of speech, association in the case of going after james rosen and the ap, freedom of. press. right? >>ll sean shall not make no lawd respecting a establishment ofedm religion, abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, the ap and fox news, or the right os the people who peaceably assemble, which is what we were trying to do.> th the government for redress of grievances. they brokegri every bit of it. >> sean: well said. all of your stories, we're trying to put this together fors all of you at home. when we come back, we're going to have more with our studio audience as we investigate the irs's unpress debt efforts to target conservatives, intimidate them. by the way, did it help the b president win back the white house? we'll examine that important question when we return. by the way, we always want tolwa hear from you.
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that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >>e youdn't >> you sure you didn't talk to anyone at the white house about this issue, mr. shulman? >> about singling out conservative groups for special scrutiny? >> that's what we're talking about, isn't it? >> absolutely sure i did not talk to anyone -- >> 118 visits. it didn't comeidn' up with a cal conversation after 132 members of congress contacted you abouto it? you sure you didn't bring di iti with anybody at the white house? >> not to my memory. >> sean: now, that was former irs commissioner doug shulman s claiming that he never spoke to anyone in the whit house about the tax agency's targeting of conservatives, but is that thet? truth, and do average americansa believe him? let's bring back our studio audience to respond. do you believe him? anybody. >>ody no. >> sean: nobody believes him.
2:36 am
it's actually 157 times we learned today. anyone think he was there for coffee, tea and crumpets? no? >> easter egg rolls. >> sean: that's right. bill, tell your story. >> i'm founder of the west jersey tea party. in august of 2010 we filed forju 501(c)(4) status, and it wasn't until january of 2012 that we received our letter. like many people in thisve audience we had the same intrusive questions being asked of us, such as the communications between our members and members of congress, representatives at the statehouse, as well as the qualifications of the people that we brought in, whether or not they could speak on the topic that we had chosen for them to speak on. and it was just an intrusive development, really intimidating. in fact, we saw membership losses occur right after we put the vote to all of our members, do you want to cooperate with
2:37 am
the irs? every one of them said, no, we don't want to cooperate. our membership began to fall oft precipitously after that. they all felt they would be audited. their association with us, as a tea party, was going to cause f auditsor for them. >> sean: anastasia, you have a different story. >> yes. a in 2009, we opened up a bank account. we were getting checks and donations. through 2010 i started gettingng letters from the irs, and got really scared. i contacted an attorney, who walked us through the process, got us c4. established as a c4. in our case we got established before this all started. but the problem is every threesi months i get these letters from the irs saying i'm not in compliance, which means i have to use up a day on the phone with the wi irs, you never get n email, you never get the same a person, it's a 1-800 number, and there's no -- you send the same letter off to a p.o. box and
2:38 am
never know what happens. th my whole thing, i guess it really worth it as a tea partyom organization, a mom and pop organization, to go through this nightmare. my last letter was may 5th. >> sean: this is a great pointn. that you're bringing up. how many of you believe that the timing of this was such thath they wanted toat put you guys bk on your heels, distract you, fou the election? show of hands. todd, you're not allowed to vote. all of you? you think this was connected too the election? everybody? >> yes. >> citizens united, you know what happened 48 hours beforesco citizens united, scott brown won in massachusetts. and a few weeks later, all of this started. >> sean: interesting. andy kramer,kram we first met in april of 2009. '09. right. tea party express -- >> sean: 20,000-some-odd people came toot an event.
2:39 am
>> it was a huge. april 15th.this this is just stockic, though, of a bigger problem. it's like with a disease. you cannot co continue to treatg symptoms and get rid ofet theyo disease. you have tou eradicate the disease. this is exactly what the tea party movement is all about, iso big government. when you look at the irs, there's so many lakers it's likn peeling back an onion. we can't get to the bottom of te it.n. it had absolutely had to do witz thei. election. is look at benghazi. it's the same thing. nobody can answer -- you know,ou who'sse running the white house? wheres? are the adults? these people work for us. and every single american shoul. be concerned about, this becaust it's not just about tea party or conservative. next time the shoe could be on the other foot, and we could have a republican president using the bureaucracy to targetn somebody opposing his agenda, or her agenda. every single american needs to look at this. that's why you're seeing polling where they want a specialesti prosecutor or investigation int0
2:40 am
this issue. >> sean: 76%. >> right. that's huge. >> sean: that's a big number. by the way,>> 2-1 democrats, ovr 60% of democrats. >> right. >> sean: yeah. jenny? >> well, we applied for our somethin501(c)(4) in march of 2. got a letter back requesting 34 additional pieces of information, which i gave -- >> sean: did they ask for the prayers you gave to god? >> they asked what books we read. i the first one wasn't as intrusive as the first one.e i filled that out, sent them am. box. the the second letter didn't come. i sent them that box in july of 2010. i did not not hear from them unl january of 2012 in spite ofrs, m@numerous letters, phone callsh emails. nothing from them.or finally i get a letter asking for 97 additional pieces of information. >> sean: what was the most outrageous? >> oh, my woutr wan well, they wanted all the handouts that we had ever handed out at any meeting or event.
2:41 am
one happened to be a teddy bear. i sent one.i se we passed out constitutions. i sent that.ll i sent a box this big, cost wels over $200 to send it. i did not send them names of donors -- >> sean: evenho thoughse they ad for it? >> no, i didn't, because it didn't apply for a c4. i still didn't hear. four months later i contacted congressman scott mcclintock. >> sean: from california. >> yeah, believe it or not. he sent a scathing letter to the irs, had an impassioned speech on the floor of the house of representatives on behalf of norcal.tter three weeks later i got a phone call from them and they gave usy our letter. >> sean: nobody should have to goave through that. >> here's the crazy thing. people have said, jenny, i can't donate anymore, come your to your meetings anymore, because i'm afraid the irs will come after me. that's tyranny. >> sean: i've always told my
2:42 am
accountant, because i'm in thehe public eye, just pay it, becausd liberals would like nothing more than me handcuffed, perp walked, and put in prison way liberal. a we got to take a break. we'll come back.go we'll continue. don't go anywhere. more with our studio audience, a majority of which say they werer personally targeted by your irs as we continue on "hannity." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for dad's first job as dad. nissan tests hundreds of child seats to give you a better fit and a safer trip. snug kids, only from nissan. ♪
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>> many of the agents and agencies of the federal government do not understand that they are servants of the people. they think they are our masters, and they are mistaken. i'm not interested in scoring political points. i want to protect and preserve the america that i grew up in,
2:47 am
the america that people cross oceans and risk their lives to become a part of. i'm terrified it is slipping away. >> sean: here to respond to our studio audience. all right, mark, you have an interesting story. >> you know, i'm the founder of an organization called citizens for self-governance coming outhe of the tea party move movement. i've been hearing these storiesi for years, including jenny, my local tea party founder. we decided to do something about, to fig i went out and found the toughest attorney i could find,e a former u.s. attorney from kansastto city. we filed the first lawsuit, a class action suit in ohio at the heart of the matter. we've got this prosecutor, andur we're going after these people. we put up a website, which is interesting called, now being trolled by the irs, by the doj, by defense intelligences. agencies. we're seeing all these hits. we have people all over thes o country, all different kinds of
2:48 am
organizations joining this clasa action litigation. we have the pro-israel groups that have been targeted, religious freedom groups that have been targeted. >> sean: if you put in a radical name under this white house, yot might survive, withstand scrutiny. >> there are groups that have t tested that theory, changedsh their application majors been approved in a short period of y time. we have absolute proof that it depends on your name, and your name exhibits your political philosophy. >> sean: becky? >> republican tea parties in alabama, and we applied in october of did not hear word one for 17 months. in february ofar they election year, i get a letter saying they can't process my application until i fill out these approximately 90 questions. some of the same questions that were already mentioned, but they wanted copies of every speech we'd ever given.eve copies -- oh, one that was interesting, they wanted to knon if any of our members or volunteers or board members were going to run for office in thear
2:49 am
near future. or maybe way down the road. they wanted to know what office they were going to run for. >> sean: wow. >> was iton opposition research maybe?ren >> sean: really. that's bizarre. brian? >> my story is a little different. we already had our status, andor in march of 2012 we found out that our political opponents had gotten a list of our donors from the irs. the document, the 990, which is not supposed to be public, there was an attempt to make it look like it didn't come from the a irs. we were able to unmask it and find it that hit printing on it that makes it clear it was from the irs. we didn't 77 this document. this is a felony, punishable byy up to five years in prison. this comes out of a watergate scandal, one of the articles of impeachment for richard nixon u was that he used private tax information to go after people, therefore congress made this awe felony. we've been fighting. we've been talking about this. we know that the treasuryeasu
2:50 am
inspector general's office has f asked us a number of questions. this has been going on for a year. 11 u.s. senators, mitch mcconnell, orrin hatch, others have stood up and commandedr answers. why was our 990 given to our political opponents, the head oe which, the head of the humano ch rights campaign, is the co-chaii of obama's re-election campaign. >> sean: a lot of i information has been leaked, you when it's inappropriate. >> ina well, there was clearly n attempt to harass and intimidate our donors. t we saw this after passage of prop 8 in california, even frkli, we laws. if they can do this to us, they can dot it to anyone. >> sean: that's tyranny. i promise, we've got a whole row
2:51 am
to get to as we continue. thank you for sharing thatck. story. coming up, we'll have more with our studio audience when we return on this special edition of "hannity." ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to tathrm. . test test test test ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma, or cannot empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz. get emergency medical help right away if your face, lips, throat or tongue swells. toviaz can cause blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness, and dreased sweating. do not drive, operate machinery or do unsafe tasks
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♪ hit 'em in the leaves, and it kills to the root ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪ ♪ 'cause the only good weed is a weed that's dead ♪ ♪ roundup yeha! [ whip cracks ] [ male announcer ] roundup... [ whip cracks ] with the new one-touch wand. >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" as we're joined by our studiopened audience. b all believe they've beendi targetedo by the irs. brook, texas. >> texas, i am the head of and
2:54 am
organization called the texas public policy foundation. we've been around for 25 years. our story is also a little bit different. but in the summer of one year ago our donor list was disclosed. they say inadvertently by the >> sean: how do. they do that inadvertently? >> well, they forgot to redacthy it when they released it to the public. so it was an interesting turn of events. you know, texas we believe iss sort of standing up to washington, d.c. as the antithesis of what they are doing, which is basically trying to ruin our liberty. we we led the effort against obamacare. we had our junior senator ted cruz writing amicuss briefs. we believe we're atcoun the heaf what is right about this country, and targeted by the federal government because we'rk standing up and saying no more. >> sean: governor perry made mee an honorary texan.ome i wish i paid your state taxes.d
2:55 am
>>al which is we'd love to have you. >> trina. >> we're the largest tea party t group in texas. >> sean: i went to texas, and they said y'all come back.. that doesn't happen. >> southern hospitality for you. >> sean: that's true. >> we have one of the largest, if not the largest organization in the country, and severalndre hundred members localized organizers. these members were targeted individually audited. this scares people. what the american public needs to understand is they call usnia tea partyti organizations, but they're just people. they're families. when you're living on a fixed income, and you know that at any moment the irs can freeze yourcr bank account and seize yourhout assets, it's scary. >> sean: they can do it withoutl a courtut order. >> no notice. absolutely.
2:56 am
>> sean: hi. >> i'm with tea party patriots of south jersey.ile we filed back in april of 2011.a we heard nothing at all from the then in february of 2012 we finally got a letter from thes irs. w that'sh when they come out with all those different th questionnaires that they wanted that were just outrageous. some of them being as many here have already said about wantingn our donors, wanting to know whos the guests were, wanting to know whatever literature we passed out. l and the list goes on and on and on. we didn't agree with that. and fortunately for us at about theme same time this took place, jay sekulow was starting to talk about the irs targeting the tea party. fortunately for us we overheard that, and the founder of our organization, she got ahold of jay -- >> sean: you're part of the lawsuit? >> we're part of the we lawsuit,
2:57 am
correct. we still haven't gotten our c4,w but we're part of the lawsuit. we're going forward with this skoig scotti, good to see. >> you real simple. this is an opportunity that the obama organization has targeted its own p people. this is why we trust the government. what really is scary is maybe some of us largest tea partyer organizations like we knew not to disclose those people. the average donor is $45. the smaller organizations that didn't have the resources of anf attorney, i'mra afraid they gave over the list. i'm wonder if we compare the number of conservatives that have been audited versus those r that are democrats and independents, i think we have a higher-percentage. >> sean: i wonder how this is>>l going tol turn out. very interesting. emails and electronic devices. it's hard to cover up lies. it's going to be interesting. we'll close tonight with our good friend from fox news radio. >> sean, it's not the tea party,
2:58 am
religious groups are coming under fire. they'rest terrified. the group that ran the ad franklin graham was talking about, around since pre-civil war days, were audited as a result ofha running this ad. >> sean: you've been great. i know ik speak for everybody else. i'm glad you all are fighting for what's right. if you can be intimidated,f y everybody that's watching tonight can be intimidated. the fact that you're standing up to this is helping a lot of other people. so givee yourselves a big hand. [applause] >> sean: thank you for being with us. all the time we have left.the time we have as always, thank youu for beinl with let not your heart be troubled. we'll be back soon for another edition of " ♪ ♪
2:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. it is saturday, june 8th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us this early. we have a fox news alert for you. overnight former south african leader nelson mandela has been hospitalized again. we are told he is in serious condition. we will bring you the latest on this breaking news. >> then, president obama defending snooping on americans saying it's okay as long as you trust your government. >> if people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust congress and don't trust federal judges, we're going to have some problems here. >> with scandals exploding in the beltway, one after the other, does the government deserve to be trusted?


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